School Newsletter

Lord Strathcona NewsFlash – December 2019


Elementary teachers will begin a province-wide, partial withdrawal of services limited to administrative duties and professional development after school, starting Tuesday, November 26. 

It is important for families to know that there will be no impact on student learning and the delivery of the curriculum. School activities such as field trips, sports and extracurricular activities are expected to be unchanged at LDSB schools during this phase of the work-to-rule campaign. All schools will remain open and there is no change to the professional activity day scheduled for Friday, November 29.


Updates will be provided via school and Board communication channels.


If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school.



The Limestone District School Board uses the SafeArrival system for parents/guardians to report student absences. This can be done one of three ways: the SchoolMessenger App on your mobile device; the SchoolMessenger website portal; or the toll-free number automated phone system at 1-855-257-9349.

In past years when school buses have been cancelled due to inclement weather, parents/guardians of bused students were not required to report their absence. Only parents/guardians of walkers who chose not to come to school were to report absences.

NEW FOR 2019-2020: All parents/guardians are asked to report their student’s absence regardless of the reason including during bus cancellations. Often, bused students find alternative ways to school and we want to ensure we know the whereabouts of every student to ensure their safety and well-being. Knowing who is supposed to be at school will allow school office staff to best ensure all students are accounted for. Students are asked to ensure they report to their first period class for attendance.


· Bus cancellation as the reason for absence if your student is bused

· Inclement weather as the reason for the absence if your student walks but chooses not to attend

If your student is marked absent and the absence hasn’t been reported in advance, our new SafeArrival system will attempt to reach the student’s priority contact by telephone to confirm the absence.

The new SafeArrival system makes it easier for you to report your student’s absence, reduces the time it takes for our school staff to verify student attendance, and responds to unexpected or unplanned student absences. This time savings makes it faster and more efficient to account for all students and their safety.

On inclement weather days, sometimes the daily plan is amended but learning continues as many students can, and do find alternative ways to school. In schools where there are significant walk-to populations, an inclement weather day doesn’t usually affect the curriculum plan. In others, almost all students might be (school) bused. In these cases, educators make the necessary adjustment to adjust their lesson plans for who is in attendance.


Dismissal is a busy time at our site. Our school day ends at 3:30 pm. Please avoid routinely picking up your child(ren) early from school. To help us with a safe and orderly dismissal please wait for your child at the door from which their class exits. Families with multiple children usually begin by picking up their youngest child first.  We would like to avoid buzzing students out of class before dismissal as this is an important time when the students and staff are working together to tidy up, organize shared spaces and prepare their room for the next day. Thank you for helping us!

School Council:

Our next School Council Meeting is on Wednesday December 5th at 6 pm. We typically meet for an hour and we usually arrange a student volunteer to assist with childcare for school aged children. Meetings typically last one hour and are located in the staff room. Please join us!


Holiday Shop:

Please consider donating gently used “treasures” for our students to select from at the upcoming Holiday Shop on Tuesday December 17th.

All students will get a chance to “shop” (no money required) and select one gift for a special person of their choice. The selected item will be wrapped and sent home.

A sweet treat will be given to every child to enjoy.

Kernals Popcorn:

Three Flavours – dill pickle, butter or kettle corn – will be for sale during the last week of school before the holidys. $2 per bag. Profits will be used to fund outdoor equipment and toys.