Tutoring Supports

Tutoring Supports
Posted on 08/01/2023

Tutoring and Online Learning Resources Available

Limestone Learning Foundation
Tutoring and Online Learning Resources Available
Posted on 10/07/2022

As part of the Ministry of Education Tutoring Grant, LDSB is offering an afterschool drop-in Virtual Tutoring Program for Limestone students in Grades 1 to 10. Tutoring will be available through MS Teams from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from October 11 until December 15, 2022. Tutoring will not be available on P.A. days or holidays.

There are three grade groupings for students: Grade 1 to 3, Grade 4 to 6, and Grade 7 to 10. Students in Grade 1-3 will work with tutors to build early literacy skills using phonological awareness and phonics activities. Tutors will provide Homework Help for students in the Grade 4 to 6 group and Grade 7 to 10 group.

Guidelines for Virtual Tutoring for Limestone Students

1. The student must be logged in to MS Teams using their Limestone account. The student’s camera and microphone should be on so that the student and tutor can communicate more effectively.

2. The student should have the materials that they need with them (e.g., Grade 4 to 10 students should have their homework assignment they are working on). The student should try to set up in an area in the home with minimal distractions for the tutoring session.

3. There are four (4) tutors available for each grade group each night and students can join a tutoring session by clicking on any of the four links for their grade. Students must only use the links for their grade level.

4. If a tutor is already working with a student, subsequent students will be placed in the lobby of the meeting and then be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis once the tutoring session for the previous student is completed. Tutoring sessions will be 15 minutes long and may be extended if no other students are waiting. Students may choose any of the links for their grade level. If all the tutors for the student’s grade level are busy, the student may wait in the lobby of a meeting or choose to leave the meeting and then try to join later.

Grade Group Links for MS Teams Virtual Tutoring

**Students must be logged in their Limestone Microsoft account to participate**

Grade 1 to 3 Literacy

Grade 4 to 6 Homework Help

Grade 7 to 10 Homework Help

Gr. 1 to 3 Link 1

Gr. 4 to 6 Link 1

Gr. 7 to 10 Link 1

Gr. 1 to 3 Link 2

Gr. 4 to 6 Link 2

Gr. 7 to 10 Link 2

Gr. 1 to 3 Link 3

Gr. 4 to 6 Link 3

Gr. 7 to 10 Link 3

Gr. 1 to 3 Link 4

Gr. 4 to 6 Link 4

Gr. 7 to 10 Link 4